How Are You Doing?

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Did you notice that in many parts of our world, it is time to move our clocks forward one hour on Saturday night?

It is a time to ”spring forward” both in time and mentally. Winter is over, at least according to the calendar. Spring – the time of new beginnings, a fresh start, a time of hope and renewal – it is time.

Winter is past, at least in our northern hemisphere. The trees will soon be in leaf, and the geese – Canada geese! – have returned to my apartment complex pond – even though that pond is still frozen over! Now that is hope for the future, even in our Canada geese. Their instinct tells them that the ice will soon be gone and still and gentle waters are ahead.

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I hear the geese as they return to the iced over pond. There are not many – a lot of the flock pass over, but the few that land! They have hope for the ice to melt and water to be there, for their mating and for the young ones. I will watch this year, as always, for the little ones to learn to swim and then to fly.

The red winged blackbirds will return as well, nesting in the reeds along the edges of the pond.

The sparrows! So many of them so plain and so brown and so loud! They too will return.

The flowering trees in the complex will bloom. Soft pink blossoms that scent the air for oh so short a time, as the winds waft through the branches, and slowly the blossoms fall to the ground.

This is life. This is the beginning of the next stage of our lives. We have the power to accept it, to acknowledge it and to use it for our enrichment.

Peace, the sounds and the fragrance of the spring air – this is what we have, the here and the now!

Use it! Appreciate it! Today! Love!

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If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

Anne Bradstreet (1612 – 1672), ‘Meditations Divine and Moral,’ 1655

As Life Goes On….


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Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

I have been busy again this past week, with phone calls to be made and arrangements for switching accounts to my name.

I gathered all of my late husband’s clothing together, folded them neatly and packed them. Then my son and I took them all to the Salvation Army.

I didn’t cry.

Someone, I hope, will find the warm shirts, the pants and socks to be of use. Someone, I like to think, that needs them and can’t afford to buy new.

This is now me, a new widow, learning to be single again.

I love the photo above of the northern lights. Have you been lucky enough to see them for yourself? If not, it is truly a spectacular sight. I have been fortunate to see them many times.

The lights appear often during bitter cold nights, when it is too cold to venture outside, but somehow I always do go out. There is something about the sky that draws me to it and I don’t mind the cold.

My bit of wisdom for this week.

Be sure to have an up to date will, a power of attorney and a personal directive. This is important to help those left behind.


Some Poems


I don’t try my hand at poetry much anymore. I concentrate on short stories and novels.

Over the Hill

It rained again today.

The world seemed fresh and new.

The rainbow’s candy colors

Were bright against the blue.


It may have been the springtime

Or perhaps I’m getting old

But I almost could believe in

A rainbow pot of gold.



When I was a child, I had a place

That only my dog and I knew.

There were trees, a pond, and a grassy hill,

Where the four leaf clovers grew.


I went there often in the summer

Alone, because my friends were few.

There were birds and flowers and dreams to dream

Where the four leaf clovers grew.


Sometimes I went in the early morn

When the grass still glistened with dew.

I could laugh, I could cry, or watch the clouds,

Where the four leaf clovers grew.


Too soon I grew up and lost the way

And this feeling is sad but true

I long to go back to those days and that place

Where the four leaf clovers grew.



I am alone

Alone on a hill

A hill above

the city

The city lights are bright

Bright as stars in the country

In the country is where I belong

I belong with you

With you

In the country

Under the stars

Not in the bright

lights of the city

not on a hill alone