The age old questions, “Is there life after death?” and “What happens when we die?” are worthy of some thought.

In 2003, my elderly mother was ill with pneumonia. Her health improved slightly, and I went to bed that night thinking that she might get better.

I had a dream.

The sun was warm and I could feel it beaming down on my shoulders. The air was clear and fresh. There was a crowd of people, who wore bright colors of red and blue and yellow. They were gathered in a group, and somehow I was walking toward them with my mother.

There were flowers – oh! so many flowers of all colors, growing in the lush green carpet of grass.

And then, I was jolted awake. My husband was beside me, and he gently touched my shoulder.

“The nursing home just called, and your mom has passed away.”

Oh, how devastating. I thought she had more time. And the dream? Had I accompanied her to heaven?

In June of this year, 2016, my elderly cat, aged 21 years, one month and twenty one days, was seemingly healthy and doing well.

He threw up occasionally, but overall was in good health, played and ran through the house now and then, although he slept a lot too.

On this morning, I got up early, and noticed he’d thrown up in the hallway. I took a paper towel and wiped up the spot. There was dry cat food, but also some bright red blood.

I discussed this with my husband, and we decided it was time to have kitty put to sleep. He’d been waking us through the night for several months, to be fed, and sometimes fell when trying to jump up on a chair or the sofa.

We took him in to the vet later in the afternoon. The vet was careful to explain what we might expect as she administered two medicines – one to put kitty to sleep and then one to stop his heart.

Kitty went very easily and quietly. It was over very fast.

That evening, we were in the computer room, and listening to amateur radio.

About eight o’clock, I heard, “Meow.”

I said to my husband, “Did you hear that?”

“Yes,” he said, “It was probably my chair squeaked.”

I know that while his office chair is a relic, it has never “meowed.”

We were in the computer room several times over the next many days, and have not heard any sound like a “Meow” since.

I believe that both of these instances were proof that there is life beyond.

My mother and I were very close. I think that she wanted me to be there with her as she passed away.

I think that kitty came to say, “Goodbye.”