If You’re in Search of an Audio Book Reader



If you are planning an audio book, I highly recommend

Scott ODell Audio Book Narrator, Actor, Performer. Voiceovers. Member of Sag/Aftra

He is doing my short story collection and I am happy with his work.

Again, I am not receiving any remuneration for this suggestion. Just happy to help other writers out.





Yay! My book of short stories is now available on Amazon!

Find “Thief” here.

Tips to Sell Your Book

Today, I would like to post a little about selling books. What are some ways that we authors can sell? I know, I know, I’m not, like, in the top one hundred when it comes to book sales, but I have some ideas to share.

  1. Blogs are freely available and you can chose plans from free to a fair bit of change. WordPress is my favorite.
  2. Website. A website on a free hosting provider is one way to reach the public. Some free hosting providers are a. Weebly and b. Wix
  3. Facebook. Is anyone not on Facebook?
  4. Tumblr offers lots of options for creativity.
  5. Pinterest  lets you pin anything off the web. I like to use it for my story ideas.
  6. A more recent addition to this list is Medium
  7. Offer a sale on Amazon if that’s where you’ve published.
    This helps to get your book out there and may give you some (hopefully good!) reviews.
  8. Instagram – While I have not used this many authors like it
  9. I nearly forgot Twitter!

I hope that some of these suggestions will be of use to you. All of the above sites can be used free, which may be a consideration for us budding writers.

For a few dollars more, some offer more bells and whistles, which are always nice to have I suppose.



Past Tense/Present Tense




I have just published a collection of short stories on Amazon. The book will be available in print and as an E-book. I will post the URL when it is posted on Amazon.

Past Tense and Present Tense

I belong to a number of sites where writers post their works and ask for feedback. I have often noticed when a new author tells a story, there is a flip back and forth from past to present tense. I have found myself doing this occasionally and have to watch when I edit to be aware of doing this very thing.

Past Tense – An Example

Shelley pushed the door open. She walked into the store and looked around. It was amazing, she thought, how many different fabrics the little shop carried. Why, there were likely a hundred or more. How would she ever choose just a few? The quilt she planned to make was going to be a special one and she wanted to find just the right colors. She walked up to the saleslady and smiled at her.

Present Tense – An Example

Shelley pushes the door open. She walks into the store and looks around. It is amazing, she thinks, how many different fabrics the little shop carries. Why, there are likely a hundred or more. How will she ever choose just a few? The quilt she plans to make is going to be a special one and she wants to find just the right colors. She walks up to the saleslady and smiles at her.

I hope this helps in your writing. The present tense lends a feeling of immediacy to the story, while the past tense is a bit more laid back.