Have A Little Respect


This is something that we see little of in society sadly. Someone – a young person! – who recognizes what is right and correct and proper.

Nose In a Book

(Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeting supporters during his visit to my town, August 2021.)

Yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to my hometown. I was excited: he’s the Prime Minister! I didn’t have a concrete plan to go down for his visit though, and as a local news site had reported that he’d be arriving around 5:45, I assumed that he’d be long gone by 8:00. Wrong. My Mom called around 7:30 to let us know that people were gathering. Dad and I thought we’d check things out, and arrived maybe 10 minutes before Trudeau came out. I learned a lot in those 10 minutes, however.

We’ve all seen anti-lockdown protesters. They’re a very vocal bunch, yelling and waving signs citing the pandemic as a government hoax. Plenty were gathered for Trudeau’s visit, as well as other general rabble-rousers. From my vantage point away from…

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