I Know More Than You

engineers in flight simulator

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

I hope you have all weathered through the past several months, since the quarantine and the coronavirus issue. I really did mean to post sooner!

I will tell you that I have cleaned, and sorted and got rid of a lot of unnecessary things,  all because I had the time to do it.

If you haven’t done so, don’t feel bad. We all needed to take our own time to get through this change in our lives.

Are you doing okay? I  hope so.

We will get through this. Because, we have no choice, do we?

I hope that you will wear a mask when you are in places that require you to be closer to others than the requisite six feet. Think of our vulnerable – the elderly, the immuno-compromised.

My concern today is not with coronavirus only, but with the very frightening – to me at least – apparent change in society of late.

There appears to be a rise in the idea that ”experts” no matter whether in the health field, science or governing organizations, are held in contempt and not respected. We have lost our respect for all of those, including those first responders, that used to be held in such high regard – and now it is the individual, the self, the personal beliefs and opinions that are apparently the only one that counts.

How did this happen? I wish I knew.

Since when did you, as a citizen, become more knowledgeable about things than those who have dedicated their lives to learning and developing expertise in a given area?

What made this world view change so drastically?

Since when do naturopaths and chiropractors deserve the respect and honour that medical doctors with years of training used to have?

Has anyone ever researched where these so called health professionals have learned their trade?

Since when did ”your gut feelings” mean a darn thing?

Is a gut feeling some sort of magic, that appears out of nowhere, because you are suddenly enlightened?


Belief in magic, in pseudoscience, in some wild conspiracy that is bent on removing our basic freedoms is mentally deranged.

Yes, I said it.

I long for the days when science and reason was paramount. When people respected our police, our emergency workers, our health care personnel and science.

I wish that I had a magic answer for the craziness that has taken over the world of late.

I do not.

I plead for our future, for our children and for our way of life, that you, as an individual will stop putting yourself in such a egotistical frame of mind, that you think you know better than the experts.

So if you must, go ahead and fly and go right ahead and take over the controls of the plane – see the photo at the beginning of this post – but don’t think that I will fly with you.

fire warm radio flame

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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