Photo by Mia Harvey on Unsplash

Looks like someone could be drowning. Maybe not. Might just be swimming. Hard to say. Don’t really know.

Thing is, there might be a lifeguard somewhere, just out of this scene. He/she might be, even now, swimming towards this person, to rescue them. Maybe. Maybe not.

Today, each of us has an opportunity to be a lifeguard. Oh, not in the usual way. I don’t mean that we can all go to a beach somewhere and save lives.

Instead, we can *stay home*. Either, in some countries, right this minute, because we aren’t allowed to go anywhere else, or because we are encouraged to stay at home.

Away from crowds, away from other people – six feet – 2 meters – apart.

You don’t want to be the water that drowns someone, now do you?

Of course you don’t.

For that reason, you and everybody else, is going to listen to the leaders, to the news on television and do what is best for the neighbourhood, for the country – for others in this world. You will do it for the front line workers. Medical staff, truckers bringing our necessary supplies, postal workers delivering our mail and packages, food service and delivery people.

For the elderly, for those at risk due to health issues, for the vulnerable among us.

All of them.

Because we live in a society that tells us we matter. Not just each of us as individuals, but as part of a community, part of the earth.

Let’s each do our part to keep everyone safe.


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