Love Is…..


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Valentine’s Day. Is it celebrated where you live? What did you do today in honor of this day?

It’s really a day for lovers, I suppose, at least traditionally.

A significant other is not necessary, though, so if you are a singleton, you can still have a part in the sentiments of the day.

Love is many things. It can indeed mean the romantic kind of love between two people. It can also be the love a mother feels for her child. The love of a pet owner for a pet. Even the love of family or the love of a special activity or a treasured item. It can be the love someone feels for their Creator and God.

Don’t feel left out, if you are alone today. 

Think about the loves in your life and feel blessed, because you probably are, in one way or another.