Make That Loaf!


I have been MIA for a very long time! That might change in the new year.

I got stalled while writing my life story, and just never had the impetus to get back to it. Perhaps, with a new year dawning, and a more removed perspective, I can continue. I will try. It is not easy, but then, little of any value often is.

I have chosen a title, “Make That Loaf” for a reason. When my husband died, in 2017, I decided that I would dispose of my bread maker. After all, it was he who loved bread, and what did I need with a whole loaf, ever?

Times change. I have begun eating more bread, granted the kind bought in stores, that has all the extra good ingredients like whole grains and seeds.

I have rethought my choices, and maybe – just maybe – I will make a loaf of bread now and then. I can always freeze some or give some to my neighbour.

So, I suppose my message is, don’t make a decision too quickly – and

be willing to be open to change.

Second of all, don’t put off the things that matter.

If my husband and I had not gone to the USA, to Idaho and to Washington State, in the late 1990’s, if we had not travelled to Denmark and Germany in 2007, if we had not gone to England and Wales in 2011, we would not have *had time*. My husband became ill, and travel was out of the question by 2015.

So, like the meme I have seen on Facebook, eat that cake, buy the shoes, go on that trip.

Because…you just never know…..

Blessings and good wishes to any of you who have read this, and may the new year bring all your dreams to fruition.

Happy New Year!


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