The Heavy Foot Family


1385414716-800pxAll moved in to the new home. It has been a busy time, between the staging, sorting what to keep, to donate and to trash or recycle.

I am just at this minute getting a new small IKEA desk put together by my patient husband. Once that happens, I will have the desktop computer unpacked and set up again.

It turns out that I have a couple of new characters in mind for a story. They are Mr. and Mrs. Heavyfoot.

You see, we have moved into a third floor condo apartment and there is a fourth floor. Now, while Mr. and Mrs. Heavyfoot are really not that bad, there are times when their walking activities can be heard in this apartment. So….I will either kill them or make them suffer in some way.

Their story will begin soon. Stay tuned!

I Hate to Write – Wait That’s Wrong





I have discovered I hate not writing – I love to write. I hate editing. With a passion. Why? Because it is boring, tedious and stressful.

I love the process of creating a story. I love to see how my characters develop as I write.

How can you tell that I’m a “pantser” and not much of a “planner” when it comes to telling a story?

(A pantser does not plan or outline, but begins to write. A planner likes to have most of the story already outlined and planned before she/he starts to write.)

The truth is that one has to edit. There’s no way a first pass telling of a tale will be perfect and a story should be as close as possible to perfect to get it ready for publication.

I am working on a set of short stories to be self-published later this year. And so I suffer the tedium of editing and rewrites. I must untangle the strings of the tale to create a story that will be worth reading.

Back to it then…..

Oh, I nearly forgot. I am using a software program to help me with the editing process. The website has a free option, although I purchased the software for a year, for my laptop.

I am not receiving any remuneration for telling others about this. I think it is a worthwhile tool to have as a writer:   ProWritingAid