I finished NaNoWriMo on November 20. Then – I was all written out as it were, so I have not done any writing at all except for personal emails. That counts, though, right?

My word total on November 20 was just over 50,000. I have at least 500 to 1000 words to go, to finish the novel.

This year, I had a rough outline. In the previous four years, I had simply started with an idea and run with it. This year, I had more story to go when I reached the goal count. I think that I will use outlines from now on.

On another note, we sold our house today! That means home hunting begins next week. And a January move – our coldest month, though not always the snowiest.

We’re downsizing, and I look forward to new quarters. We’ve lived here for thirteen years. I love to move house. I like organizing the rooms, and cupboards and so on.

When I was young, my mother moved us a lot. I lived in five provinces in Canada in six years. I hated to move. I dreaded the new school, new faces and the whole process of trying to make friends and fit in. I was not very good at that.

Christmas shopping is done. The tree goes up tomorrow, and the presents will be wrapped and put under the tree too.

Then I will start writing again.