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NaNoWriMo is coming along great. I’m at 32,022 words today.

It isn’t always easy finding the time or the incentive to write. I’ve had several interruptions when I’ve had to leave my house, as it is still being shown by realtors. There is one “deal” in process, but it ends late Thursday the 17th if they don’t have financing in place by then.

There are other people interested in the house, so that is good. I do hate the idea of moving in winter, but oh well.

Back to writing: I added some extra scenes and some extra chapters into my work in progress. The story was coming to an end far too fast to reach a word count of over 50,000.

By adding these extras, I was able to think of more “what if?” situations, which in turn gave me more to write.

I’ve also killed off two people already. Not my main character, though. I think I am going to send her to prison for a while.