And now to continue with posting to this blog everyday in November…..

I reached a word count of 14,566 today for NaNoWriMo. It was more challenging today. I started to think about my main character’s childhood and some things that might have set her on the path she has chosen in adulthood. I started her story earlier, with a few memories of when she was a little girl. It went well, once I started on that.

There are caveats about not going into too deep a prologue to a novel. I am ignoring that rule for NaNoWriMo. Besides, I am getting to know my character a little better as I write. I have found out that she is not as close to her Dad as I thought, and she has always been rather mean to others.

My writing tip today, then, is that if you get “stuck” go back a little and write that backstory. It may just get the story moving again in the right direction.