November 5th/6th


Seeing as how the blog time is off from my local time, I am going to class this post as November 5th and 6th. Then maybe I will catch up!

There were two showings of the house booked for today. We went out shopping for Christmas presents during the first showing. The second was later in the afternoon, so we went out for dinner. We had just finished ordering, when the text arrived, that the showing was cancelled until Monday…..rather annoying.

Had a good dinner anyway, and came home to drink a glass of white wine and relax. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? People “should” be going off to church services and spending some time with their families, but they may prefer to search for a new home instead.

Hope to have the home inspection next week, and hope that it will go okay. At least if there is anything wrong, the inspection will let us know, and we can fix it!

NaNoWriMo is at 9044 words today, so still within competition range.

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