NaNoWriMo November 2nd


My word count total is 3755 today

It may be difficult to find the time to write but it can be done. You just have to want to write bad enough. (Does that make sense:-)

There are always going to be interruptions and things to do and responsibilities.

For instance, I am in the middle of selling my house, as of yesterday. Yes, the same day NaNoWriMo started.

Selling a house is a royal pain in the butt, as it means:

  1. Keeping the house spotless
  2. Moving a whole lot of “stuff” out of sight when there’s a showing
  3. Having to physically leave the home during the hour or so when the realtor will be bringing the prospective buyer/s through
  4. Having to be close to the cellphone at all times

It isn’t easy. So far I’ve been able to write in the early mornings, before the realtors are awake. I hope to continue this practice for the rest of November or until the house sells.



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