Every Other Word…




I joined a new (to me, anyway) online writing site the other day. To my horror and discomfort, (a bit of an exaggeration, really) I found the first few posts on the site, that were offered to me to read, all – every one of them – contained the “F Word” in either the title, the body of the piece, or even both.

I have been known to use bad language myself on occasion, such as when stubbing a toe or overcooking fried eggs, but there is a limit to the swearing when I write. I don’t feel it is necessary.

Okay, so if the character is in a rage, I might use a mild expletive, but not the F Word.

I shudder to think that slang as well as bad language is becoming the norm.

Where have our good manners gone?

End of Rant.







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