Of Ghosties and Ghouls


As the title says, ghosties – ghouls not so much.

When I was a small child, my mother and I visited a neighboring farm. They lived in an old and typical two storey farmhouse.

We sat in the kitchen, and the ladies had tea. As they visited, I saw an old lady, and I said to my mother, “Mommy, who’s that old lady that went into the cupboard?”

The cupboard was a large wardrobe-like affair with drawers and a big door. I remember to this day that the little old gray haired lady walked slow, and with a cane.

The adults had not seen anything.

Another instance that has no explanation, is one that my mother had when she was a child. She grew up in a farming community. This would have likely been in the 1920’s.

Her father, my grandfather, took the girls along when he went to harvest some fields at an abandoned property.

That night, when everyone went to bed down, there was the sound of horses’ harness, jingling and coming up the lane.

Grandpa got up and looked out the window of the old house but there was no sign of anyone.

He laid down  and reassured my mother and her sisters that there was no one there.

Once again, the little group tried to sleep. Once again, they heard the harness jingle that indicated someone was driving up the lane.

Once more, Grandpa got up and went to look. There was nothing to see.

In the morning, the family gathered up their things, and they left the house and property.

Grandpa never went back there.

My mother told me this story and she said that no one ever had an explanation.

I wonder if the deserted property was left by someone who didn’t want to leave. And they returned…..in spirit.



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